Beyond My Life
Rachel Lehman

Beyond My Life

Rachel Lehman

Welcome to Beyond My Life

Learn to live beyond and discover your true identity.

About Me

A long time ago, abuse reigned in my life. I couldn't see it. I really had no idea that how I was being treated was considered 'abuse.'  I had been praying for Jesus to help me and really thought he would change the heart of the person hurting me. What He did was begin to change me. 

After leaving the person who was abusing me, I assumed the bad stuff was over. What God showed me was that I desperately needed healing. I had many unhealthy patterns that needed addressed as many of these patterns kept me in a place of having a victim mentality. As long as I had a victim mentality, I could never walk in my true purpose and my perspective of Him and life would always be skewed. 

I embarked on a healing journey that took many years to complete. I knew I had a calling on my life, but God showed me that I needed true healing before I could begin. He showed me many things about myself and my life that weren't always easy to see or heal from but I learned that God loves me enough to put me back together the right way. I now stand tall and like who I am. He washed me clean from the inside out. 

I now want YOU to become a true Overcomer!

This group is about leaving the victim mentality in all areas of your life and discovering the beauty of who you really are. 

Jesus loves you and wants to heal all your wounds.  

Why You Should Join

By joining this group, you will be a part of a Community of believers that have been hurt by abuse, but have chosen to rise past it. You will learn how to see yourself and be given tools that can help you heal. 

This group will help you to learn who you really are. 

This group will teach you how to Overcome and learn to live beyond. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your support of Beyond My Life. 

Your membership will not only help you, but it will also help many others who have been hurt by abuse.  Together we rise. 

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